Michael Schentrup

Owner and Lead Trainer


Advanced Police Concepts goal is to provide quality law enforcement training for 21st century professionals.  Law enforcement is changing daily and to keep pace, agencies must continually change with it.  APC was created to assist law enforcement agencies match the expectations coming from the public.


As a professional law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I have been both a trainer and a trainee.  I was a major case detective for seven years and became a high level interrogator.  I made the transition to management and saw a gap in how we train.  This led me to teach my first course, an interview and interrogation class.

Jon Rappa

Lead Instructor


As a professional law enforcement officer for over 20 years, Jon currently works in a Robbery/Homicide unit at the Gainesville Police Department. He is regarded as the department’s number one interrogator and he is the lead detective on numerous homicide investigations. Jon is a certified instructor and brings knowledge, with a sense of humor to his classes.

Anthony Ferrara

Lead Instructor


Striving for excellence in our profession has been Anthony’s focus for almost 25 years.  As the current Investigations Bureau Commander at the Gainesville Police Department, he has served the community and the agency in a multitude of roles including:  DUI Enforcement, Motor Unit Commander, Lead Traffic Homicide Investigator, Administrative Bureau Commander, Training Bureau Commander, and of course, years in the Operations Bureau, rising through the ranks up to District Commander.  He has also been teaching at the Santa Fe College’s Institute of Public Safety for almost 20 years, helping develop the future practitioners of the career we call public service.   His instruction style exemplifies the word “co-learning” because he feels our best teachers are each other’s true life experiences, so sharing is a mandatory objective in his curriculum.

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