2019 Mission Statement Review

Captain Mike Schentrup

Review my 2019 Mission Statement:

For the last few years, I have given myself a vision or mission statement for my professional career (Captain at Gainesville (FL) Police Department).  Although this statement usually will stay consistent year to year; there can always be small changes and tweaks. 

This was my 2019 statement:

Mission Statement – Patrol Captain and professional:  I am a servant leader. I listen intently before I make decisions.  I believe the needs and wants of the organization are not in conflict with the needs and wants of its people.  I believe I can make a difference in the lives of our employees.  I believe teammates who feel valued and wanted will provide better service to the citizens of Gainesville.

Now it’s time for self-reflection.

As far as servant leadership, I believe it was a mixed bag.  At 49 years old, I know that I think of myself more than others.  It’s just me; so, this does not come easy for me.  I have worked hard over the years to overcome this both professionally, but also with my wife and family.  I KNOW I have done better, but I have a long way to go.

I worked very hard this year to LISTEN first.  Steven Covey said, “Seek first to understand.”  I have tried to live by this in 2019 and will carry this over into 2020.  As a leader, you must listen.  Listening creates a path to trust.  You cannot lead anyone without trust.

As mid-level leaders, you have to believe that the needs and wants of the organization are NOT in conflict with the needs and wants of your team or subordinates.  It is my job to make this happen.  Was I successful?  In regard to this I think, I was this year.  I have become much better at understanding how to communicate both up and down the chain.  Its my job to explain to upper command the wants and needs of the troops and I must also make the troops understand the needs of the organization.

I also know for certain I can make a difference in my employee’s lives.  As a leader, once you accept this, then you can be the leader you want to be.  Do not jettison this responsibility.  There is no doubt your teammates will have personal problems that you cannot affect, but so much of our lives and our employees lives’ are spend at work, we can make a difference.  I have to accept this responsibility and I have.

There is no question that officers and civilians who feel valued and wanted at work will provide better service to the citizens we serve.  If I can do the other things above, then this part of my mission statement will take care of itself.

After some reflection, I have a lot of work to do to fully fulfill my 2019 mission statement.  I will keep it the same for 2020 and continue to get better.