Street Crimes & Proactive Patrol

Course Description

This is a 16 hour (2 day) patrol-based street crimes course focused on providing students with a strategic look at how to be a better street cop.  It includes roadside interview techniques, how to hunt criminals, case law surrounding proactive policing, how to build a successful case for court, etc.  You will learn proven methods to continue providing a proactive police force while mitigating the negative perceptions that have always followed proactive policing units.


  • Identifying the criminal element
  • Catching criminals in transit
  • Officer safety in a violent environment
  • Identify concealment strategies by criminals
  • Police K-9 deployment strategies
  • In-depth look at Roadside Interviewing
  • Deception detecting techniques
  • Investigating drug house complaints
  • Case law – Understanding the boundaries of proactive policing
  • Search warrants?  When you need them
  • Organized financial crime interdiction
  • Traffic Stops and Consensual Encounters
  • Introduction to Human Trafficking
  • Perceptions of street crimes units – How to change them


Sergeant Charlie Ward has over 15 years’ experience as a law enforcement professional, with a major emphasis on proactive policing and rapid response to active threat events.  He currently supervises personnel in a special operations unit and is serving as a K9 handler attached to a drug task force.  Sergeant Ward has previously served on multiple street crimes units, as a K9 handler working highway criminal interdiction, and as an undercover narcotics agent.  Sergeant Ward has been an instructor for over 10 years and serves both the law enforcement and civilian communities.  He holds numerous certifications in roadside interviewing, criminal patrol, criminal interdiction, K9 handling, and criminal behavior and deception.