The Complete Cop

West Melbourne Police Dept 2290 Minton Road West, Melbourne, FL

This course focuses on providing students with a strategic look at how to be a better and more well-rounded cop. From the “Stop to the Box” is just how it reads: Becoming a better cop from criminal detection and apprehension, roadside interview techniques, case law surrounding proactive policing, interview & interrogation techniques-both roadside and in […]

Advanced Field Training Officer Course

Daytona Beach Police Department 129 Valor Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL

This 2-day course was created to provide your current Field Training Officers with advanced communication, teaching, and documentation skills to enhance their abilities. The course is designed for current FTOs or department FTO coordinators. Continued improvement in their skills is necessary when so much depends on new officer training and the liability that comes along […]


Advanced Report Writing

Apc Online Academy

This eight hour online course is designed to provide officers with the skills needed to complete thorough investigations and write great reports. Spread out over two weeks, you will be able to complete the course on your schedule. You and your agency’s reputation are on the line with every incident report written; make them as […]


Cold Case Homicide Investigations Seminar

Clermont Police Department 3600 S. Highway 27, Clermont, FL

Cold case homicide investigations are some of the most difficult and frustrating cases a detective will ever work, BUT they are also the most rewarding.  This two-day seminar focuses on how to resurrect these cases and hopefully give the family some closure. There will be multiple case studies presented over the two-day course.  Don’t miss […]


Leadership for Front-Line Supervisors

Green County Justice Center 2841 6th Street, Monroe, WI

This class focuses on how to be the best front-line leader you can be. Leadership is much different than management.  Understand that your Sergeant stripes never make you a leader.  Your ability to lead is based on your level of dedication to your team and the relationships you build. Nothing drives organizational excellence or morale […]


Patrol Response to Suspicious Death

Apc Online Academy

This 4 hour live webinar focuses on front line law enforcement response to cases of suspicious death. The patrol officer response to these cases can make-or-break the cases. We will go over best practices and discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them. This class is for everyone, but mostly intended for patrol officers/deputies and […]

$59 – $599

**Cancel anytime outside of 14 days from the date of the class and get a full refund minus a 5% refund fee. No refunds within 14 days; however, you can replace the student.