Street Crimes & Proactive Patrol

Patrol-based street crimes course focused on providing students with a strategic look at how to be a better street cop.

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Advanced Field Training Officer Course

Provides your current Field Training Officers with advanced communication, teaching, and documentation skills to enhance their skills.

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Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations

An overview of the different types of child sexual exploitation investigations and investigative techniques that help build successful prosecutions.

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Homicide Investigations Seminar

Focuses on advanced investigative techniques related to homicide investigations for the front line personnel, as well as, seasoned detectives.

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Advanced Interview and Interrogation

A course designed for all investigators who want to take their interview and interrogation skills to the next level..

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Supervisor Report Review

Provides supervisors with the skills needed to review and edit incident reports and arrest affidavits.

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Leadership for Front Line Supervisors

Focuses on how to be the best front-line leader you can be. Leadership is much different than management.  Understand that your Sergeant stripes never make you a leader.

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