Advanced Police Concepts has a cadre of expert instructors who can assist your training academy with many CJSTC advanced training courses. We will provide all student materials and the end-of-course exam, which will satisfy CJSTC requirements and make the students eligible for salary incentive. But our instructors will go FAR beyond the basic curriculum. Techniques demonstrated are the same as those in much more expensive courses.

All trainers are CJSTC certified instructors with current certifications.

APC has a proven track record having taught at other local police academies, including the Santa Fe College Institute of Public Safety, the Citrus County Public Safety Training Center, and Pasco/ Hernando State College.


We can help you with the following courses:

  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Advanced Report Writing and Review
  • DETECTIVE ACADEMY (New in 2019)
  • Adult Sex Crime Investigations
  • Injury and Death Investigation
  • Violent Crime Investigator Training Course
  • Advanced Investigative Techniques of Human Trafficking Offenses
  • Supervisor Report Review (8 hour course)

The cost of each course varies. Please contact me for a precise quote.