We believe law enforcement is the most noble of professions and as true professionals we must continue to grow and develop. The media does not define us. We have a responsibility to the citizens we serve; to protect them from harm and prosecute evil doers with true determination and perseverance. Great, productive, and interactive investigative training can only make us better. Our mission is to be the best training company in the world.

Advanced Police Concepts was founded to provide quality law enforcement training for 21st century professionals. Law enforcement is changing every day and with that, law enforcement agencies must keep pace. That is where we come in.

As CURRENT professional law enforcement officers, our team relentlessly works to bring the most up-to-date training to our student and peers. We believe training should be educational, productive, but also fun and interesting. We strive to humbly provide all these in every training we do.

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Very well presented. A lot of material to cover in two short 4 hour sessions but the instructors did a great job getting through the most important information. I like that he used his own cases and experience to teach us. The class was interactive and the instructor kept us engaged.

This is the second course I have taken, taught by Advanced Police Concepts. I feel their team has not only thoroughly covered the FDLE required material, but injected a wealth of applicable information to build upon it. The experience of their combined staff is obvious and relevant. I got much more than I originally anticipated from both classes: Interviews and Interrogations and Advanced Report Writing and Review.

I gain a lot of information from the advanced report writing class. I was mode aware that I need to continue to grow in my report writing. It took me awhile for me to learn a certain concept but I continue to use the helpful handouts given to us during the course...I was kept engaged on the topics and I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone.

Captain Ferrara And LT. R. Fanelli both did a great job in teaching the class. Both instructors taught all of the material in the book. Both instructors kept the class engaged by providing examples from their experience. Both instructors seemed prepared and knew the course material.

I believe everything was great. The instructors were unbelievably knowledgeable and experts in the subject material. True experts! This class should be made mandatory for every agency.

Interview and Interrogation was excellent course to take and a wealth of knowledge was gained from it. Both instructors were excellent and showed experience in the subject.

Both the instructors were approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about the topic. Each had ample experience on the job and clearly had a love for the profession. The content was easily understood and translated into ways all could utilize in their daily duties. The course isĀ  as long as required by FDLE, but they made it fly by.

Great real life interviews! Great scenarios to help students practice interviewing. Teacher walked around and helped students if they struggled with interviewing and alternate questioning.

I definitely felt like I learned a lot and took the most away from this class. I work the road and tonight I had the opportunity to use the techniques you taught. It payed off with a confession on a Lewd and Lascivious molestation case. It was a good feeling to make it work in an actual situation.

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