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We are offering law enforcement agencies up to FIVE FREE seats in any of the following courses, in return for letting us bring this training to your agency.

Advanced Interview and Interrogation

This dynamic two-day course focuses on advanced interview and interrogation techniques. The course is aimed at all investigators who want to take their interview and interrogation skills to the next level. The course will begin with an overview of human behavior, but the focus of the class is to give the student a formatted interrogation methodology which has a proven track record of success. Class participation will be encouraged and small video clips will be utilized to enhance the conversation and learning.

Topics to include:

  • Why do people confess? Human traits
  • Power of persuasion and influence
  • Empathetic interviewing
  • Detecting deception
  • Understanding intrinsic value
  • Mitigating language
  • Confrontation vs Transition
  • Bluffing vs Hypothetical
  • Truth enhancing techniques
  • Countering defense tactics

Advanced Firearm Investigations

This two-day class focuses on the advanced investigative techniques needed to take your investigative skills to the next level. Whether it’s an armed robbery or a drive-by shooting, firearm investigations are some of the most serious investigations officers and detectives will investigate, and in the State of Florida, they can also be the most rewarding since our state has very severe punishments for those who commit crimes while armed.  This high speed course is geared toward front line personnel, as well as, seasoned detectives. Everyone will learn something!  Up to 25 students.

Homicide Investigations Seminar

This two-day class focuses on advanced investigative techniques related to homicide investigations. This course is geared toward front line personnel, as well as, seasoned detectives. Everyone will learn something! 

Topics include:

  • Crime Scene Procedures Regarding both Suspicious Deaths and Homicides
  • Initial Scene Responsibilities, Canvassing & Immediate Leads
  • Case Reviews of numerous types of Homicides, including Arson, Sexual Violence, and Robbery
  • Crime Scene Accountability
  • Victimology
  • Medical-Legal Death Investigation (Victim I.D. / Time of Death / Injury Recognition)
  • Primary & Secondary Crime Scenes
  • Crime Scene Evaluation (Execution of the Walk-thru)      
  • DNA Review and Touch Evidence
  • Suicide and Equivocal Death Scene Investigation
  • Crime scene – what happens when you leave?

Street Crimes & Proactive Patrol

This is a two-day patrol-based street crimes course focused on providing students with a strategic look at how to be a better street cop.  It includes roadside interview techniques, how to hunt criminals, case law surrounding proactive policing, how to build a successful case for court, etc. 

Topics will include:

  • Identifying the criminal element
  • Catching criminals in transit
  • Officer safety in a violent environment
  • Identify concealment strategies by criminals
  • Police K-9 deployment strategies
  • In-depth look at Roadside Interviewing
  • Deception detecting techniques
  • Investigating drug house complaints
  • Case law – Understanding the boundaries of proactive policing
  • Search warrants?  When you need them
  • Organized financial crime interdiction
  • Traffic Stops and Consensual Encounters
  • Introduction to Human Trafficking
  • Perceptions of street crimes units – How to change them