Jon Rappa

Corporal Jon Rappa has worked in Law Enforcement for over 24 years to include 4 years in Corrections. Jon was a Sergeant with the Department of Corrections before crossing over to Law Enforcement in 2001. Jon also spent several years in loss prevention, interviewing dishonest employees. Jon has over 12 years of investigative experience and has extensive knowledge of robbery, homicide, and narcotics crimes. His past assignments include DEA Task Force Officer, Narcotics Detective working “deep undercover”, Field Training Officer, Street Crimes Investigator, Juvenile Crimes Detective, Violent Crimes Detective, and Robbery/Homicide Detective.

He is known for his strong interview and interrogation skills and currently teaches interview and interrogation with Advanced Police Concepts. He is an instructor at the Institute for Public Safety, Santa Fe College. He is a graduate of the Miami-Dade Medicolegal Death Investigations course and teaches for private companies such as Law Enforcement Advanced Programs and Advanced Police Concepts.

Advanced Interview and Interrogation Training Resources: