Apr 21, 2024

Welcome to my online course, “Front Line Leadership for Law Enforcement.”

Each session/module contains a lesson taught by video and each video is between 4 and 8 minutes long.

Each session or lesson also has one or two short response answers that must be completed. 

This course is about learning and then self-reflecting. The answers you write are for you; no one else will see them. So the effort you put in will be commensurate with the results you get from this course. You will complete these questions in your own journal or word document.

At the end of each session, there will be a 1-2 question pop-quiz to assist with your overall recall of the leadership content.

At the end of the online course, there is a 12 question quiz, to ensure you watched all the video content.  You must attain a 75%.  The questions are not hard, but if you did not watch, you probably cannot answer them, so please watch. You will only have two attempts.

For now, please take this short leadership assessment (use the below “take quiz button” Don’t worry, you are not being graded.) You will also be asked to “agree” to complete the short answer responses required at the end of each session.

I have also attached a course syllabus for your records. 

Michael Schentrup

Captain Mike Schentrup retired in 2021 as a Bureau Commander for the Gainesville (FL) Police Department, where he had worked for almost 25 years. The majority of his career was spent in investigative units, including major case detective, gang and burglary unit sergeant, and ultimately the division commander for detectives. Captain Schentrup taught extensively in various investigative fields and is the owner/lead trainer of Advanced Police Concepts, LLC ( In 2020, he established the APC Online Academy, to bring the investigative curriculum to those who are unable to travel. Captain Schentrup is an accomplished instructor in both in-person and virtual formats. He is an adjunct master instructor for law enforcement for the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence and is a member of its statewide policy group. Captain Schentrup was part of End Violence Against Women’s Cadre of Experts from 2019-2023, where he instructed on trauma informed response and assisted with content development. Check out his LinkedIn here.