Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations

Course Description

Participants in this course will learn about the various forms of child sexual exploitation, including online exploitation, trafficking, and sexual abuse. They will also learn about the psychological effects of sexual exploitation on children and how to properly interview and support victims. In addition, attendees will gain an understanding of the legal framework surrounding child sexual exploitation cases and will be taught best practices for conducting investigations, collecting and preserving evidence, and working with multidisciplinary teams. Through lectures, group discussions, and interactive exercises, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in this important and challenging field.


  • Child on Child Sexual Crimes
  • Adult on Child Sexual Crimes
  • Human Trafficking of Children
  • Interviewing Child Victims
  • Interviewing Suspects (Adult and Child)
  • Investigating Delayed Reports
  • Value of micro-corroborations
  • Role of multidisciplinary teams
  • Defense Techniques and Countermeasures
  • Controlled phone calls


Lt Rebekah McKinzie has over 20 years experience as a law enforcement professional with a major emphasis on sex crimes and crimes against children.¬† ¬†Additionally, she serves as a consultant with the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence to bring sexual assault training to law enforcement throughout the state of Florida. Rebekah has conducted and supervised numerous ICAC (Internet Crime Against Children) investigations and has taught ICAC investigative techniques across the country. She was also a member of EVAWI’s Cadre of Experts from 2020-2023.