Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations

Course Description

This revealing and inspiring two-day course focuses on child sexual exploitation investigations. It’s aimed at patrol officers and investigators who initially respond to and/or investigate sexual crimes against children. The course is an overview of the different types of child sexual exploitation investigations and includes investigative techniques that help build successful prosecutions.  Class participation will be encouraged and case studies will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the investigative techniques discussed.


  • Child on Child Sexual Crimes
  • Adult on Child Sexual Crimes
  • Human Trafficking of Children
  • Interviewing Child Victims
  • Interviewing Suspects (Adult and Child)
  • Investigating Delayed Reports
  • Value of micro-corroborations
  • Role of multidisciplinary teams
  • Defense Techniques and Countermeasures
  • Controlled phone calls


Lt Rebekah McKinzie has over 18 years experience as a law enforcement professional with a major emphasis on sex crimes and crimes against children.   Additionally, she serves as a consultant with the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence to bring sexual assault training to law enforcement throughout the state of Florida. Sergeant McKinzie has conducted and supervised numerous ICAC (Internet Crime Against Children) investigations and has taught ICAC investigative techniques across the country.