Marijuana: A Colorado Perspective

This two-day course discusses information that will be useful for officers to become more knowledgeable about marijuana. Because marijuana is associated with a great deal of controversy, the course will focus on understanding the impact that the marijuana industry has had on the country and law enforcement in each state. Topics will be explored to help law enforcement utilize the knowledge gained from this course and apply that knowledge in the field to help with investigations, interviewing, and court preparation.

Topics Include

  • Colorado’s impact on the legalization of marijuana
  • US statistics on the pros and cons of marijuana decriminalization
  • Misconceptions about marijuana
  • Difference between Hemp and THC
  • Strains of Marijuana and their impact on investigations
  • Strategies for patrol officers
  • Interviewing for marijuana investigations
  • Developing relationships with marijuana experts
  • Court Preparation
  • Certification in the odor of Burnt and Unburnt Marijuana