Supervisor Report Review

Course Description

This one-day course is designed to provide supervisors with the skills needed to review and edit incident reports and arrest affidavits. Your agency’s reputation is on the line with every incident report written; make them as good as possible. Improve your department’s reputation and increase prosecutions!


  • How do most of us learn how to write a great report?
  • When does fixing a report become writing the report?
  • Arrest Affidavit Review
  • Field Notes, Arrival, Initial Observations
  • Chronological Order
  • Common Grammatical Mistakes
  • Evidence and Chain-of-Custody
  • Major Case Pitfalls
  • Actual Case Report Review and Correction


Captain Mike Schentrup has over 23 years experience as a law enforcement professional, with a major emphasis on criminal investigation and communication.  Numerous years spent as a Major Case Detective taught him the importance of how the initial patrol response and report is as important as any further investigation by detectives.