Online Advanced Field Training Officer Course

Course Description

This online course is designed to provide your current Field Training Officers with advanced communication, teaching, and documentation skills.  Spread out over two weeks you will be able to complete the course on your schedule. The course is designed for current FTOs or department FTO coordinators. Continued improvement in their skills is necessary when so much depends on new officer training and the liability that comes along with negligent retention.  In a litigious society, training and thorough documentation is more important than ever. Help those who train our next generation be the best they can be! 

Course is certified by the Southeastern FTO Association (SEFTOA

INSTRUTOR: Captain Robert Fanelli


  • Generational differences.
  • Overcoming personality conflicts.
  • Understand why adults learn differently and how to address those distinctions.
  • The FTO as a teacher and mentor.
  • FTO is your first true leadership position.
  • Training mistakes.
  • Review of typical trainee deficiencies along with training techniques crafted to fix each specific problem.
  • Documentation of deficiencies.
  • Negligent retention.