WEBINAR- Patrol Response to Suspicious Death

Course Description

This 3.5 hour live webinar focuses on front line law enforcement response to cases of suspicious death. The patrol officer response to these cases can make-or-break the cases. We will go over best practices and discuss common mistake and how to avoid them. This class is for everyone, but mostly intended for patrol officers/deputies and their supervisors.

The live webinar is offered twice a year, with recordings available for those unable to attend the course live.

INSTRUCTOR: Captain Mike Schentrup (RET)


  • Scene Safety and Security
  • Crime Scene Security
  • How to deal with the family?
  • Death Notifications
  • Patrol Response Expectations
  • Initial Scene Responsibilities – How this can make or break a case
  • Common Defense Strategies and Jury Expectations
  • What changes has BWCs made?
  • Documentation