Matthew Stegner

Matthew Stegner, a retired Senior Investigator with the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, boasts an illustrious career marked by unwavering dedication and exceptional achievements. His journey commenced in 1998 as a patrolman with the City of Atlanta Police Department before transitioning to the New York State Police in 2002, where he served as a trooper for eleven years, an investigator for five years, and ultimately as a Senior Investigator for an additional five years.

A trailblazer in the realm of criminal investigations, Matthew oversaw all felony investigations within his unit, specializing in child exploitation, child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. His profound commitment to victims extended beyond investigations, as he collaborated with crime victim advocates to facilitate trauma-informed interviews, showcasing a holistic approach to law enforcement.

One of Matthew’s notable contributions was the design of the Sexual Assault Investigations training module for the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation. His expertise and leadership in this field were further evidenced by his role as the lead instructor for the annual New York State Police Sexual Assault Seminar. Matthew’s impact resonates not only through his accolades but also through his recognition as a Trooper of the Year, Investigator of the Year, Special Recognition Investigator, and Supervisor of the Year by the New York State Police.

His commitment to education and improvement is exemplified by his academic achievements—a testament to his continuous pursuit of knowledge. Matthew holds an Associate’s degree from Erie Community College, a Bachelor’s degree from Hilbert College, and a Master’s Degree from the University at Albany, all in criminal justice.

Matthew’s legacy extends beyond his illustrious career; it is rooted in a passion for knowledge-sharing and training. His ability to create impactful content and training materials demonstrates not only his deep understanding of investigative procedures but also his recognition of the vital role community involvement and inter-agency cooperation play in addressing complex issues effectively. Matthew Stegner’s career stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication, exceptional skill, and commitment to enhancing the criminal justice response to critical societal challenges.