Cold Case Homicide Investigations Seminar

Cold case homicide investigations are some of the most difficult and frustrating cases a detective will ever work, BUT they are also the most rewarding. This two-day seminar focuses on how to resurrect these cases and hopefully give the family some closure. There will be a major focus on forensic genetic genealogy.

Topics will include:

  • Which case should you choose?
  • Re-examining old cases, what should you look for?
  • Forensic technology changes that may affect your cold cases.
  • Recontacting the family – what do you say?
  • You got a DNA hit, now what?
  • Forensic genealogy – what is it and can this work for our case?
  • Re-interviewing witnesses after 5, 10, 20 years.
  • How to administer a photo line-up after 20 years.
  • Should I re-interview the original detective?
  • Early mistakes that haunt a case and how to overcome them.
  • There will be multiple case studies presented over the two-day course.

Taught by Special Agent Jen Spears, see her bio here.