Jen Spears

Jen Spears is an experienced homicide and cold case detective with the Seminole County
Sheriff’s Office in central Florida. She has been a deputy since 1999, the majority of that time
spent in criminal investigations serving in a variety of assignments. She has been working
homicides and cold cases since 2005. Jen has collaborated with numerous agencies around the
nation through her casework and has received several accolades for her accomplishments in
cold case investigations. Jen also serves as a commissioner on the Florida Sheriff’s Association
Cold Case Advisory Commission. She is the President of the Southeastern Homicide
Investigators (SEHIA)   She has a passion for organizing the best training available reaching the
largest audience of law enforcement professionals possible.

Jen was selected to serve on the National Review Board for ViCAP as well as a board member
for Project: Cold Case. She has solved a 1984 cold case using investigative genetic genealogy in