Homicide Investigations Seminar

Course Description

This two-day class focuses on advanced investigative techniques related to homicide investigations. This course is geared toward front line personnel, as well as, seasoned detectives. Everyone will learn something!


  • Crime Scene Procedures Regarding both Suspicious Deaths and Homicides
  • Initial Scene Responsibilities, Canvassing & Immediate Leads
  • Case Reviews of numerous types of Homicides, including Arson, Sexual Violence, and Robbery
  • Crime Scene Accountability
  • Victimology
  • Medical-Legal Death Investigation (Victim I.D. / Time of Death / Injury Recognition)
  • Primary & Secondary Crime Scenes
  • Crime Scene Evaluation (Execution of the Walk-thru)      
  • DNA Review and Touch Evidence
  • Suicide and Equivocal Death Scene Investigation
  • Crime scene – what happens when you leave?

INSTRUCTORS: Inv Jen Spears and Captain Mike Schentrup (RET)

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