Extracting the Truth: Advanced Interview and Interrogation

Course Description

Extracting the Truth is a dynamic, two-day course that focuses on advanced interview and interrogation techniques. The course is aimed at all investigators who want to take their interview and interrogation skills to the next level. The course will begin with an overview of current interview and interrogation tactics; however, the focus of the class is to give the student a formatted methodology which has a proven track record of success. Class participation will be encouraged and video clips will be utilized to enhance the conversation.

There are no prerequisites for this class; however, it is designed for experienced patrol officers and both new and seasoned detectives.


  • Cognitive Interviewing Techniques
  • Interview/Timeline
  • Confrontational Interviews
  • Non-Confrontational Interviews
  • Avoiding False Confessions
  • Tactically Introducing Evidence
  • Theme Development
  • Theme Delivery
  • Building Rapport
  • Submission Phase
  • Partial Admissions


Sergeant Jon Rappa has over 24 years experience as a law enforcement professional with a major emphasis on criminal investigation and suspect interrogation.  He formerly wored as a Robbery/ Homicide Investigator and currently is a Patrol Sergeant.  He has published numerous articles and videos on the art of interviewing and wrote a book on the subject, “Extracting the Truth – A Detective’s Playbook.”

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Jon Rappa’s brand new book “Exacting the Truth – A Detective’s Handbook”

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Advanced Interview and Interrogation Training Resources: https://jprseminars.com/index.php/training-articles-and-videos-learn-with-us/