Leadership for Front-Line Supervisors

Course Description

This two-day class focuses on how to be the best front-line leader you can be. Leadership is much different than management.  Understand that your Sergeant stripes never make you a leader.  Your ability to lead is based on your level of dedication to your team and the relationships you build.


  • Leadership versus Management
  • Are you born with leadership skills or can they be forged?
  • What is a Positional Leader?
  • Influence versus Manipulation
  • First your Friends – Now your Subordinates
  • Leading with Subordinates, Peers, and Bosses
  • Let them win
  • Followership
  • Listen first then decide
  • Why is time on your side?
  • Love and Accountability
  • Leadership growth – How is it accomplished?

INSTRUCTORS: Captain Mike Schentrup (RET) and Lt Wayne South (RET)

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